The picture is drawing with the ballpoint at direct.
You should do the test of color that you use the back of used paper
My draw style is disregarding the theory. If you drew the rough sketch, you draw along them by ballpoint..

How to paint Very Easy Water Color.

You may write the rough sketch with the pencil beforehand. But I didn't.
It is ok..
If you drew the rough sketch, you erase rough sketch.
Please it paint watercolor thinly.
You have to pile up the color repeatedly. However, please wait for a minutes until dry.
This feeling. Don't worry about miss. I added a grip of right side. It is not in the photograph.
It is ok.
I put on enough water on vase..
Let's wait until it dry if you are a wise person.
When finished dry the picture, I painted yellow on the petal. And I painted the part of the shadow..
That is completion. I used the time about 30 minutes. I think this work is 20 points in 100 point full marks. It isn't good work. But I am very happy! The purpose to paint the picture is to enjoy it.

I don't have a special method and theory. It is free style drawing and painting.
I show my style of draw and paint.

Stress Free

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